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Looking for better "fast food" in your life? Come check out what we serve at our Traveling Bistro!"


traveling bistro - street tacosElite Event's Traveling Bistro is our take on the highly popular "Pop-Up Restaurant" idea that is currently sweeping the bigger metropolis areas of the world. The Traveling Bistro is our way of bringing the people of the Northern Black Hills our gastronomic delights on a regular basis. We offer delicious and totally Authentic Mexican Street Food, following traditions of our great grandmas and adding our own new twists, as well. In addition to this, we also put on an upscale dining experience once a month where the menu, wines, venue and atmosphere are carefully curated by our Chef, Sommelier and Event Planner. Each party in attendance is personally taken care of by the Chef and Sommelier in a very informative and engaging way. These are truly a unique and memorable culinary experience.

Current Events

Elite Events Traveling Bistro is currently serving their Authentic Mexican Street Food EVERY Thursday and Sunday from 12-7pm at False Bottom Bar (previously known as Horses to Harleys) on Main St. in Downtown Spearfish. The menu rotates between several different offerings of which two are served every day. These offerings include:  Pork Carnitas, Chipotle Lime Chicken and Adobo Beef Street Tacos, Red and Green Enchiladas, Tostadas, Chicken Pozole Caldo (soup), Nachos, Chips & Salsa & Guacamole. ALL HOMEMADE!

The date for the Friday Night Dining Experience will take place on Friday May 26. We will then be on the Summer Schedule, where we will be at Downtown Friday Nights in Spearfish, Canyon Acoustic Series on Wednesdays and The 40th Annual Festival in the Park in Spearfish and the Friday Night Dinners won't begin again till the Fall Season.

For the May 26th Dinner, join us for a Clam Steamer!  This meal will start with a Rustic Pork Terrine with House Made Breadsticks and a Lemon Vinaigrette Salad. Followed by the entree of Clams steamed in a Broth of White Wine, Butter & Fresh Herbs; served with Tomatoes & Mushrooms Roasted with Fresh Thyme & Butter  and Warm Rustic Bread. Dinner will be finished off with a light desseret of European Style Cookies and decaf coffee. The Sommelier will pair this Dinner with Red, Rose and White wines from around the world. Beers also will be available. Bottles of wine are also available to purchase for take home.

Seats are $30 per person; alcohol not included. Call Jared @ 605-645-2106 to reserve your seats today for full amount of $30 down. Alcohol paid for at the end of dinner.

For June thru September we are going to be serving our Authentic Mexican Street Tacos and Elotes at Downtown Friday Nights!

What do our customers say?

We had a wonderful meal with wine pairings. We are looking forward to dining with you again.
-- Karen M. on Facebook.

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