Professional Services

  • The office:
Being a small business is an extremely challenging task as one needs time to manage everything and everyone in the business single-handedly. Besides working as a full-time manager, you need to perform as a recruiter, administrator and an errand runner.

There are times when things just get behind their schedules. This is the time when you require temporary help so you concentrate on the management part of the work only. This is the exact time when Elite Services can prove extremely handy for you and easily help you with your office functions such as answering phone calls, faxing, making copies and sending documents, and general errands etc.
  • Property Management:
Over 10 years of experience in managing residential, vacation and rally rentals throughout the year.
  • Real Estate:
Real estate numbers are growing, and so should you. As a realtor, you always needs to stay on your toes in order to grab the most profitable and lucrative real estate deals in the town. Let us help you by running all your business errands such as delivering keys when required, important document pick up and delivery and filling up brochures at your listings so that you can place your entire focus on sealing the deal and minting profits.
  • Vacation:
While you are away on vacation Elite Services can take care of errands for you, collect your mail, check messages, water your plants and clean your office on your behalf with utmost dedication when you are out on holiday.
  • Courier Services:
Being in a business-be it small or big bestows a number of official responsibilities on an individual, one of the most important responsibility being delivering documents to various clients, partners and customers as and when they are required.
  • Pharmacy and Prescription Errand Services:
Pick up and delivery of prescriptions at any of the local pharmacies, including any emergency pick ups
  • Reminders and Appointments:
We can help you plan your calendar of events and appointments such as birthdates, anniversaries and important occasions and dates such as doctor’s visits, insurance premium due dates etc.