Home Services

To ease off the pressure off your busy life, Elite Services offers various household services in order to share your responsibilities and give you sufficient time to look after other important things. We realize that maintaining a balance between work and family is a tough job especially if you have kids and work full or part time. We can help take care of some of your everyday tasks and help you manage your time efficiently.

  • Pet Sitting and Pet Walking:
We provide arrangements for pet sitters who take care of your pets while you are away. We can also schedule daily pet-walking. We are dedicated pet lovers who will nurture the needs of your lovable pet.
  • House Sitting:
Going out on a vacation or a business trip might not be feasible if you have daily errands troubling your mind such as watering plants, picking up important mails etc. Well, in addition to pet sitters, we even offer house sitting facilities where we follow all your instructions in regards to all the tasks that need to be done while you are out. We will attend to all your needs irrespective of the time or frequency of visits required to your place.
  • Housekeeping or Cleaning:
Whether you need daily housekeeping facility to take care of your household needs or occasional thorough cleaning of the place, we can get you set up with a housecleaning service that provides only quality service for the best available price.
  • Waiting Services:
If you are away from home handling an important meeting or appointment, getting things repaired at home might seem impossible. We can arrange to wait for the repairman at your home and also, supervise the repair work up to your satisfaction.
  • Pharmacy and Prescription Errand Services
  • Motor Vehicles Registration, Renewals
  • General Deliveries/ Grocery Runs
  • Gifts Wrapping, Exchanges and Returns
  • Meal Delivery or Snacks for Business
  • Dry Clearners Pick Up or Delivery
  • Online Purchases
  • Shipping Packages